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About Redd5Luke Entertainment Productions

It is a production company located in Metro Manila, Philippines.  Founder, Redd Ochoa, a Filipino-New Yorker, established R5L to create an impact in the booming independent films in the Philippines and to become a liaison to foreign filmmakers when planning a production in the  country.  R5L produces features, shorts, commercials, industrials, and music videos.  It  has helped young filmmakers in the country go through their struggle in finally seeing their indie projects to its fruition.

Redd5Luke Entertainment Productions maintains itself to be honest in choosing projects that stands alone on itself.  Though exposed in the mainstream genres at times, it prioritizes its outlook on independently produced projects that has a unique core and great substance. 

Redd Ochoa has assembled passionate key production personnel whose knowledge in filmmaking stands on its own.  This is what makes Redd5Luke.  Its core that specializes in almost every aspect in filmmaking, let alone production.

Redd5Luke Entertainment Productions keeps its organic values at hand, but it also maintains to be a part of a project that explores every path of independent filmmaking in the Philippines. 


Redd Ochoa - Writer/Producer/Director

Born in the Philippines and grew up in California, Redd moved to New York City in 1991 following studies in Los Angeles.  He began his career as all best directors do: acting.  He attended The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and went on to several New York stage productions

Redd was fortunate to work with Academy Award Winning Director, Vladimir Menshov on his feature Shirli Myrli.  Other independent films to his credit are Hoodlum, Dog’s Eye View, Puppet Love and Mertz, Cyberstorm and Rave.

Redd took a break from acting and ventured towards directing.  He attended New York University for Directing Film and Television.  He directed a number of student films from 35mm to 16mm.  While in school, he got the opportunity to direct Ring Of Men, a play by Adam Oliensis in NYU’s television studio. 

After graduating from NYU he wrote and directed a short film called Mary, which received special acceptances at the Angels City Film Festival in California and The Los Angeles Film Festival.

Redd went on to direct two other films, Faithful, and Love.  He directed the stage production of A Righteous Anger, an original play by Steve Danziger at TSI in New York City.  Among Redd’s credits include Man, a documentary about thirteen men on an island in Lake George, New York who were camped over a span of four days.  In this project he used a style combination of both digital video and 8mm film.

One of Redd’s projects that toured the film festival circuit was a feature film drama/comedy called Long Story Short, shot all over the New York tri-state area. It involved such actors as Michael Williams from The Blair Witch Project and Diane Cossa from Law and Order, SVULong Story Short was recently accepted at this year’s Director’s View Film Festival, Oklahoma International Film Festival, and The Nashville Film Festival.  His more recent short film was Feed Me, shot in Central Park, New York. Visit Maple Leaf Online Casino! Choose trusted!

Baliw is his second feature, but his first piece to be shot in his motherland, the Philippines.